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01 December '16

Olympic and World champions at WDM Geneva

Next week WDM will have its inaugural competitions at the CHI Geneva. From 8 till 11 December the world’s top riders, in dressage but also in show jumping, eventing and…

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25 October '16

WDM moves on to Geneva!

The next stage of the WDM season will be the prestigious CHI Geneva in Switzerland. The Palexpo will open its doors for the best riders and horses from 8 till…

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Event Info

Time Class Startlist Result
12:15 CHF 10,000 WDM Grand Prix presented by Jiva Hill Stables  
Time Class Startlist Result
08:45 CHF 9,000 WDM Grand Prix Special presented by Jiva Hill Stables
19:15 CHF 70,000 WDM Grand Prix Freestyle presented by Rolex
Show Date Country
WDM CDI 4*/WDM NextGen Lier 3 - 6 March 2016 BEL
WDM NextGen Prangins 5 - 8 May 2016 SUI
WDM CDI 5*/WDM NextGen Wiesbaden 13 - 16 May 2016 GER
WDM Geneva 8-11 December 2016 SUI

WDM Live

The livestream of the WDM Wiesbaden event will be provided by ClipMyHorse. Click here to go to the livestream.

See the schedule below for the specific streaming date and time.

WDM Wiesbaden 2016 Schedule
14th May 2016
€5,000 WDM Grand Prix (for Freestyle)

15th May 2016
 €12,500 WDM Grand Prix (for Special)
21:15   €45,000 WDM Grand Prix Freestyle presented by VIAN GROUP)

16th May 2016
12:30   €32,000 WDM Grand Prix Special presented by Jerich International


WDM Wiesbaden - WDM Grand Prix Freestyle presented by VIAN GROUP
Place NameHorse Points %Prize €
1Fabienne Lütkemeier

Qui Vincit Dynamis 76.750% 14900
2Juliane Brunkhorst

Fuerstano 74.350% 9100
3Valentina Truppa

Fixdesign Chablis 73.450% 6800
4Thomas Wagner

Amoricello 72.325% 4600
5Sönke Rothenberger

Favourit 71.800% 2800
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