{ Maucca Karki joins WDM management }

Maucca Karki

Maucca Karki, a life-time equestrian originally from Finland but living in the Netherlands already since 2000,  has a background as a dressage rider and a breeder and as an equestrian consultant. Maucca’s experience and large network consists of companies, professionals  and media worldwide of which many have an affinity for the equestrian sport.

“I am looking forward to join forces with WDM in the next years and together create a future for the highest level competitions in dressage sport. Since the beginning of WDM in Cannes in 2008, I have followed WDM and seen the contribution WDM has brought to the sport.

WDM has the possibility now to grow to the next level and expand the interest of dressage sport globally. I hope to be able to bring in my network and my knowledge of both dressage, sponsoring, marketing and media to expand the interest of dressage sport to a larger international audience together with the WDM team and the partnering show organizers.

The dressage community needs to realize the need of investment and development so that the sport can remain and grow. WDM has, in the last 8 years, paid over 3 million euros in prize money and established the circuit as a 5* show organizer and a strong brand as well. Top shows, serious prize money and media attention are extremely important for the future of dressage. I hope to help in finding the right partners for WDM to enable this to continue and to create  a road-map for international dressage  from Rio to Tokyo (2017 – 2020).

Shows world wide where the world’s best ranked dressage riders compete together with the stars of tomorrow – as in the WDM Next Gen / U25 series - will hopefully continue to grow and help to contribute to keep dressage sport an Olympic discipline. The challenge we all have, is big.”

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