{  July 2012 }

Tinne Kür sheet music
17 July '12

Who’s Anton?

Dear Friends, For the very first time in dressage history: a full freestyle music video called “Who’s Anton?” Here’s the link: It was the second time that Swedish dressage…

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Top 3 in Grand Prix Freestyle at WDM Falsterbo 2012
16 July '12

WDM Falsterbo – Patrik Kittel and Scandic win Freestyle in close battle

This year’s Falsterbo World Dressage Master Grand Prix Freestyle presented by Axel Johnson Group was dominated by the top three riders from Saturday’s Grand Prix. Kristian von Krusenstierna with Biggles…

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Patrik Kittel & Isabell Werth
14 July '12

Isabell Werth and El Santo score gold in WDM Grand Prix

Falsterbo, Sweden (June 14, 2012) – The first day of the 2012 World Dressage Masters in Falsterbo presented by Axel Johnson Group exceeded all expectations. With an impressive starting field…

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14 July '12

Detailed Results from WDM Falsterbo 2012 Nürnberger Grand Prix

Detailed results from WDM Grand Prix at Falsterbo 2012 Judges E: Maria Colliander H: Wojtek Markowski C: Leif Törnblad M: Susan Hoevenaars B: Annette Fransen-Iacobeaus 1. Isabell Werth – El…

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Isabell Werth
13 July '12

Countdown to WDM Falsterbo 2012

Today, on Friday 13, 2012, all the riders passed the vet check and are keen on having their first ride in the WDM Nürnberger Grand Prix tomorrow. WDM Falsterbo WDM…

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Patrik Kittel on WDM Falsterbo 2011
06 July '12

WDM Falsterbo 2012

With just a little bit over a week to the World Dressage Masters in Falsterbo CDI5*, the excitement for the Swedish edition of the world’s premier dressage series is at…

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